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If You're A Self Starter


A career in Radio sales could be in your future.

1410 KQV Newsradio is looking for a motivated individual who is a self-starter,
welcomes the opportunity to represent the nation's legacy radio station and wants a career, not a job.
Duties include: prospecting for new clients, developing marketing plans for advertisers and
growing an established account list of respected advertisers.
Draw + Commission + Bonus + Modest Expenses included. Must provide own vehicle.
Email resume to jross@kqv.com


   KQV is an Equal Opportunity Employer                                

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Given the problems with the new health care law, should Congress and the president go through the law piece by piece to improve it, repeal the entire law and start over again or leave the law as it is? <More Info>

Go Through Law Piece by Piece:
Repeal Law/Start Over:
Leave Law as is:
Leave Law as is:
Go Through Law Piece by Piece:
Repeal Law/Start Over:
Total Votes: 88

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With less than two and half months left in the year, do you believe the Dow Jones Industrial Average will close below its January high?

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