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Proposed Hike in Gasoline Tax!

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     If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that politicians love taxes…they like to levy them…they like to collect them…and, most of all they like to spend them…not only for legitimate projects, but they love to spend them for their own pet projects as well!


     Right now, attention is being focused on the price of gasoline and what it means to the government.  Several month ago, we were saddled with gas prices ranging into the $4 a gallon range.  It was a brutal price that affected all of us.  It had a serious effect on the economy and on our daily lives. 


     Then a few months ago the price of oil and gasoline took a dramatic downswing.  While we the consumers were happy that the price of gasoline was declining rapidly, the government was unhappy because their tax revenue was being reduced.


     As you undoubtedly know, the federal government assesses an 18 cents a gallon tax on regular gas and a 24 cents a gallon tax on diesel fuel.  The state also adds on a fuel tax.  When the price of gas had reached the $4 mark, motorists cut back on their driving habits and this, in a substantial way, reduced the tax being collected by the government.


     Now, with tax revenue declining, a federal commission is recommending that the federal tax on gasoline be increased 10 cents a gallon and it should similarly be raised 12 to 15 cents a gallon on diesel fuel.  The commission also recommended that states increase their take on gasoline…as well as increasing tolls and other fees!


     Once again, the government has us coming and going.  Obviously the economy will be effected.  President-elect Barack Obama has expressed concern about raising taxes during the current economic crisis, while commission members continue to maintain that the government must get the money somewhere.


     You might be interested to note that in January 2008 the Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission recommended that gas taxes be increased to 40 cents a gallon over the next five years!


     While we all can understand that federal funds must be used for the upkeep and new construction of roads and bridges, experience has proved that there have been many abuses in the way tax money is used.  Forgive us but we don’t trust the way our self-serving politicians spend our money.


     To this end, if an added tax is enacted, it should be an absolute requirement that it be used for the purpose intended and not earmarked for such narrow special interest projects as that insane tunnel project under the Allegheny River to Pittsburgh’s North Shore!  What a waste of taxpayer dollars!!!


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
January 9, 10, 11, 2009

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People get what they vote for. Pennsylvania keeps voting in tax and spend democrats. Then you wonder where the money went. The romans had bread and circuses. We have the NFl/NBA/NHL and welfare. Check the history books to see what happened to the roman empire.
-William , Dormont, PA

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