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Time for the G-20 Summit Machinations Time for Pittsburghers to Stay Cool!

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     Well, the long time anticipated G-20 Summit meetings are at hand here.  High level representatives of the world’s largest economies are in Pittsburgh for this week’s sessions.


     Unfortunately, they are being accompanied by large blocks of local, national, and international demonstrators with the avowed purpose of protesting the meetings and creating troubles.


     Previous similar meeting in London and Seattle have given us a blueprint of what to expect.  At those sessions there were as many as 35,000 protesters from an estimated 160 groups with many axes to grind – the global economy, the environment, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and authoritarianism.


     As in similar situations, there are those who are demonstrating peacefully and those who seek to bully and disrupt the planned events.  Obviously, we hope these meetings are peaceful, productive, and successful with the world leaders who attending.


     With all the disruptions to our normal day-today routines this week because of street and rights-of-ways closing…retail businesses shuttered, buildings barricaded…it is easy to lose one’s temper when we try to pursue our day-to-day routines.


     We’ve been told by organizers of the protests and the event planners to expect minimum of 35,000 demonstrators, some of whom attend all these meetings and are bent on trouble.


     Obviously, we hope the meetings are peaceful, productive, and successful with the world leaders who are attending.  We just hope that next week at this time when the summit meetings are history, we can say the G-20 experience was worth it.


     Meanwhile, a few words of advice dear Pittsburghers…keep your cool…and keep your fingers crossed!

Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
September 23, 24, 25, 2009                                   

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Regarding the commentary by Mr. Dickie today I would remind him: "hope is not a strategy."
-JR, Eighty Four,PA
The G-20 summit was over last week, but your editorial is a good reminder of the media's demonization of planned demonstrations and the protesters themselves. As the record shows, there were relatively few disruptions by the nearly 35,000 protesters, while being subjected to tear gas and plastic bullets. I was downtown on Thursday to observe a planned parade by about 1,000 protesters. The parade was brief and peaceful, but the massive police and military presence, complete with automatic assault rifles, was truly frightening. in the past, I’ve attended anti-war and civil rights demonstrations, yet never saw so many guns. call my comments "the day democracy died."
-Geoffrey , Northside
Bob, Good editorial and great voice. I saw some of the demonstrating on TV and could not help but compare it to the Washington DC., demonstration for Healthcare. We were in DC and it was a great experience. I was also stationed in DC.,in 69' when the War demonstrators were louder but better behaved that your Summit demonstrators. I was sorry I missed hearing you while we were in PA., but really enjoyed hearing you speak on the G-20 Summit and its problems. Peggy Ann
-Peggy ,

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