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Time to Revamp the State Legislature!

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     When newly-elected Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett submitted his proposed budget for the upcoming year, there was one item that was conspicuousby its absence – the size and makeup of the State’s Legislature.


     Over the past several years we have campaigned hard and editorialized often about this excessive legislative entity – its size...its cost…as well as its deficiency of integrity.


     There are some indisputable facts – Pennsylvania has one of the largest State Legislatures in the country…members of the legislature are among the most highly paid and well compensated.


     Add to that the expense accounts of the legislative members and their overly-generous pensions and benefits and you have something in need of total revamping.  In other words, members of the Pennsylvania State Legislature take good care of themselves with us taxpayers picking up the tab!


     Over the years, bills have been introduced to reduce the size of the legislature and to revise the rules and regulations that apply to them.  Pennsylvania has the largest full-time legislature in the nation, with a 203-member House and a 50-member Senate.  Needless to say, these bills have fallen on deaf ears in Harrisburg.


     This is one of those indefensible situations where the individuals being held in check hold the most important cards.  As someone once said, “it’s like putting an alcoholic in charge of the Liquor Control Board.”


     So now, Governor Tom Corbett has taken over the chief executive office in the state.  Obviously, he is well aware of the problem but doing something about it is another matter.  At this point, nevertheless, we call on the governor to take the lead and have the gumption to hit this problem head on.


     Propose the reduction in the size of the legislature…make the legislature a part-time…instead of a full-time job…deal realistically with the matter of compensation for its members, particularly their out-of –control pensions.  As we have said, there have been bills in the past to achieve these ends.  Now we hope the governor will provide the leadership to make it all happen this time around!


     To this end, it would help if you contact the governor and tell him how you, a taxpayer, feel.  Who knows, with your support, we may be able to achieve this worthwhile objective…


     …What say you?



Robert W. Dickey

President & General Manager 

KQV  Newsradio
March  25, 26, 27, 2011

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