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Post Mortem – 2010 Primaries

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     The Primary Elections of May 2010 – national, state and local are now history…the voters have spoken…decisions have been made…and now we can gear up for the General Elections in November.  It should be noted that the voter turnout…despite the importance of the elections and the appeal to voters to make their voices heard…was abysmally low here in Allegheny County with each party attracting less than 30% of their registered voters!


     Now, what have the voters said on the senatorial and gubernatorial races?


     On the Democratic side, the spotlight was on the race between Arlen Specter – who has been one of the most controversial members of the Senate – both as Democrat and as a Republican – and Joe Sestak…a member of the House of Representatives and a retired Navy Admiral as well.


     This was a race that had garnered national attention with much at stake.  It could only be described as a race that was hot and heavy with charges and countercharges being exchanged.


     This has been a year where the incumbent is a convenient target.  Sestak’s victory could be interpreted in many ways – a vote for Sestak or a vote against Specter…who had the support of Governor Rendell and President Obama and Vice President Biden.  Yet, in spite of their marquee support, Sestak turned out to be the winner!


     On the Republican side Pat Toomey won his party’s nomination with only minor opposition from the party’s perennial also-ran, Peg Luksick.  That raises the question of the General Election in November with Toomey Battling Sestak.  In this time of upheaval it will be interesting to see what issues and personality traits will motivate the voters.


     We will take a look at the gubernatorial race between Republican Tom Corbett and Democrat Dan Onorato in our next editorial.


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
May 21, 22, 23, 2010                                   

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