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Dan Rooney – Ambassador to Ireland!

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     For many years those of us who live in Pittsburgh, as well as sports fans across the country, have known that Dan
Rooney is a man for all seasons – not just football seasons – but the seasons he has devoted himself – not only to the Steelers – but to a lifelong dedication to Ireland which has been an important part of his life.


     If anyone had predicted five years ago that Dan Rooney would forsake his total commitment to the Pittsburgh Steelers to become Ambassador to Ireland, that prediction would have been considered woolyheaded.


     Now it seems entirely fitting, timely and appropriate that President Obama would have announced the appointment of Dan Rooney to that post on St. Patrick’s Day!


     The names of the Rooneys and the Pittsburgh Steelers are totally entwined.  From the earliest days when Art Rooney, the patriarch of the Rooney family, took over the Steelers until today, the Rooney Steeler legacy has grown.


     In his long reign as head of the Steelers, son Dan Rooney has been one of the most respected leaders of the National Football League and has seen the Steeler dynasty grow in strength and value.  Winning an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl has been a dream fulfilled and has made the Steelers something special!


     Politically, Dan Rooney broke ranks with the Republican Party and became one of the earliest supporters of Barack Obama in his quest for the presidency…a bold step at the time.


     Rooney has long been recognized for his support of Irish peace, culture and education.  It also has been said that his wife, the Steelers and Ireland have been the three great loves of his life.  He was one of the founders of the American Ireland Fund which has raised millions of dollars to aid important causes in Ireland.


     In assuming his new role as Ambassador to Ireland, Rooney will have three consuming problems to face – peace that must be maintained, a serious economic problem, and an educational problem that requires help.


     The obvious question is, how will this affect his Steelers?  Dan’s son Art, for the past few years, has been at the helm of the franchise, running its day-to-day operation.  But Dan’s influence has always been in evidence.  Over the years, he’s been a major factor in all phases of the Steelers and his role in the, management of the National Football League is highly regarded.


     It is understood that, while Dan Rooney takes over the role of Ambassador to Ireland, he will continue to keep his hand in running the Black ‘n Gold.  Taking on this new responsibility in his mid-seventies, he continues his lifelong career path of accepting challenges and we, along with millions of others, wish him well.


     It might be said that the famous ballad “Danny Boy”  lyrics; “Where the pipes are calling” – will now take on a new meaning for all of us.


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
March 20, 21, 22, 2009


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Dear Mr. Dickey, In enumerating the loves of Dan Rooney's life, you missed one: money. And particularly that earned by taxpayers.

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