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A Plea for Assault Weapon Gun Control!

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     Over the years, the majority population of Pittsburgh has been known as a stable, sometimes labeled as a somewhat dull, lackluster assembly of hard working citizens who hold family values, God and country, uppermost in their lifestyles.


     But the senseless killing of three policemen in Stanton Heights last April and the killing rampage at the LA Fitness Center last week that resulted in the deaths of three women and the wounding of several others has underscored once again the madness of our gun culture!


     As we know, there has been a growing outcry for an enforceable law for gun control.  Every time there is a killing spree of this type the cry for gun control grows even greater.


     In many of these killing sprees guns of all varieties are in the hands of unstable individuals who are harboring some grievance in their lives or a hatred of our country.  It is asking for trouble when guns find their way into the hands of mentally deranged or emotionally disturbed people.


     When the subject of gun control comes up, the NRA and other gun advocates use the Constitution and the Right to Bear Arms as their defense.


     We understand that there is a strong argument for the purchase and ownership of rifles by hunters and target shooters.  But we believe there is no legitimate or logical argument for the sale of assault weapons to individuals other than the military or police.  There is no reason why any law-abiding United States citizen needs to own or use assault rifles…none…never!


     Legislation was passed by congress in 1994 outlawing the sale of assault weapons and, for reasons unknown to us, that law was revoked in 2004.


     Assault weapons are not designed or manufactured for individuals…not for hunters, nor target shooters…nor gun collectors.  The assault weapons do serve a purpose in the military and law enforcement.  Unfortunately, millions of such weapons have fallen into the hands of criminals, emotionally disturbed people and anti-social organizations.  Time after time we learn of innocent people being killed by these weapons.


     Unfortunately, the way the laws are structured, there are legal ways to obtain these weapons.  Why assault weapons can be obtained by individual is totally beyond us.  We’ve reached a point, too often, where criminals and gangs have become better armed than the police and those who protect public safety.


     We believe strongly that the assault rifle ban should be reinstated immediately.  Assault rifles and automatic weapons should be taken off the market now!


     How many more lives will have to be sacrificed to bring congress and our legislators back to their senses?



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
August 14, 15, 16, 2009                                   

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Bob, I normally look forward to your editorials and think they are usually insightful and correct. This one however, makes me wonder if you have been drinking too much koolaid with your liberal media associates. One question: Where did you get the statistic that "MILLIONS of assault weapons have fallen into the hands of criminals, emotionally disturbed people and anti-social organizations"? (Also, is an "anti-social organization made up of people who do not agree with the actions of the government?) The founders who wrote the Constitution included the Second Amendment to insure that citizens had the means to reject and overturn a United States of America government that took power and God given rights away from the people. Period. There is nothing in the Second Amendment that talks about hunters, target shooters, or gun collectors. Please review your American History studies. John
-Johh , Pittsburgh, PA
why is it when someone who is dui and causes a death you don't blame the motor vehicle but when its a gun its the gun that is to blame and not the individual? Also assault weapons are capable of semi-automatic fire and fully automatic fire. We the people are not permitted to own these type of firearms without special permits and great expense.The firearm that was used to ambush the three police officers was not an assault weapon, it just looked like one. Also, the constitution isn't about hunting its about defending our country from enemies,foreign and domestic.Yes these firearms can be used for hunting and are in many states but, that's not their only purpose.Please get your facts straight before someone decides that freedom of the press only pertains to the government printing office.
-david , greensburg
We as a people have the God given right to defend our families and ourselves. All too often these tragic shootings we hear about (brave police officers, LA Fitness) show that good people die at the hands of unstable or worse evil people. I agree with you that some weapons belong only in the hands of police or military. Problem is which weapons, who decides which weapons? You and I both know that our government would be more than happy to decide. There lies the problem. As President Reagan once said, the most terrifying words any citizen can hear are " I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Nobody today believes the government to fix itself let alone and issue as important as gun control. Until this matter is resolved I will maintain my right to defend my family and myself with whatever force is needed.I do however pray that that day will never come.
-Dan , McKees Rocks

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