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Election 2010 – Some Postscripts!

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     Here we are in the wake of the midterm election of 2010, deemed one of the most important elections of recent years.  The people have spoken…the voters have voted…and the pollsters were – for the most part – right…predicting which way the voting results would go last Tuesday.


     It was an election that changed the political landscape both in Washington and in Pennsylvania.  It was an overwhelming victory for the Republicans.


     The headlines tell it all.  The Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives, winning more than 60 seat majority…the agenda of the Obama administration was thoroughly repudiated…the Republican Party won the lion’s share of gubernatorial elections…the Democrats retained control of the United States Senate although the Republicans narrowed the margin with the count now being 52 Democrats and 48 Republicans.  There still remain races in contention in both Houses with the count ongoing.


     In Pennsylvania it was another Republican sweep with Tom Corbett being elected governor and Pat Toomey winning the senate seat after a close race.


     All the conventional wisdom had predicted a Republican revival although the magnitude remained questionable.  It was apparent that the electorate was upset with the way things have been going and they expressed their frustration and anger in the polling booths.


     There were several upsets along the way with many of our long established political leaders falling by the wayside.  It was an election where many incumbents took the heat from the voters.  It was an election where, in many cases, voters voted against an incumbent candidate rather than for his opponent.


     By the Republicans regaining control of the House the voters dethroned Nancy Pelosi, a very controversial figure, as House Speaker.


     In Pennsylvania, the Democrats did not pile up enough plurality in Philadelphia to offset the Republican turnout in other parts of the state.


     Overall, the turnout of voters lived up to predictions of a high voter count, particularly in an off-year election.


     It goes without saying that this was one of the most contentious elections in recent years.  The voters were really fired up!  We voters were inundated with televisions and radio commercials as well as newspaper and direct mail ads.


     Sad to say, the majority of campaigns were waged with a negative tone.  Most candidates concentrated on what was wrong with their opponents rather than what was right with them.  To most of us the whole campaign period seemed endless!


     It will be interesting to see where we go from here – both nationally and in Pennsylvania.  Our hope is that both parties work for the common good and add a note of civility – or is that asking too much?  



Robert W. Dickey  

President & General Manager 

KQV  Newsradio

Broadcast: November 9, 10,   2010

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