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Some Post-Election Postscripts!

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     Well, the 2009 Allegheny County Election is now history.  With more than 900,000 registered voters eligible to cast ballots last week, less than 25% even bothered!  Some say it’s because this was a so-called off-year election with none of the more publicized national or statewide legislative or executive office candidates on the ballot.


     Yet, as we’ve said before, with dozens of local and regional office contests on the ballot, this was anything but an off-year at the polls because the winning politicians will directly affect how your local neighborhood is cared for…with your tax dollars of course!


     While the voter turnout last Tuesday was a disappointment, it was about what most observers predicted.  In Pittsburgh, central attention was focused on the mayoralty election.  Although Independent candidates Kevin Acklin and Franco Dok Harris waged commendable campaigns, with the lopsided Democrat registration advantage, it was a foregone consensus that incumbent Mayor Luke Ravenstahl would win, going away.


     He did, garnering 55% of the vote; but less than the 63% he received two years earlier, fulfilling the tenure of the late Mayor Bob O’Connor.


     He now has a full four year term to find remedies for the serious city employee pension problem, with only 30% of the pension funded…and maintaining the city’s financial revenue surplus, in spite of its declining population!


     However, it wasn’t all “fun ‘n games” last Tuesday for Democratic candidates!  Republican Joan Orie Melvin was elected to the State’s Supreme Court and Republican candidates Kevin Brobson and Patricia McCullough won seats on Commonwealth Court.


     Our congratulations to the winning candidates in last Tuesday’s election.  In recent weeks we’ve heard some of them express almost shock and dismay at how tough the campaign trial turned out to be!


     To which we respond…if you’re up to doing your job as you promised you would during your campaign…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…and we’ll be watching you!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
November 6, 7, 8, 2009                                   

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