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The Miracle on the Hudson!

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     Back in 1947 there was a very successful motion picture called “The Miracle on 34th. Street.”  This week, we have now witnessed another miracle – “The Miracle on the Hudson River”!


     What happened last Thursday was a miracle – a U.S. Airways Airbus, leaving La Guardia Airport and headed for Charlotte – struck a flock of birds a few minutes after takeoff – being forced to ditch in the icy waters of the Hudson river with 155 passengers on board.  Both engines had been rendered inoperable with a total loss of power, turning the plane virtually into a powerless glider.


     Had the plane lost only one of its two engines, it could possibly have maneuvered for an emergency landing back at La Guardia or at Teeterboro in New Jersey.


     One of the truly great heroes in this crisis, Chief Pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger, III, guided the plane past the George Washington bridge and made a perfect landing in the Hudson.  He turned what could have been a catastrophe into a miraculous saving of lives!  He also brought the plane into an area on the river where there was a flotilla of vessels…ferryboats, Coast Guard vessels, and other New York waterways boats…all of whom rushed to the rescue.


     This was a miracle replete with heroes – a miracle which restores our faith in the human race…the pilot, co-pilot, and the crew who were valiant…the passengers who refused to panic and helped one another…and the countless workers on the river who rushed to the rescue.


     In a world which is often marked with greed, avarice, and inhumanity, it was notable that there is a noble side to the human race.  It proved once again that people, confronted with possible tragedy, can rise to the occasion and prove that there is something worthwhile in all of us…if we let it happen!


     On reflections, we are grateful for the lives that were saved…we take hope in how many heroes in the area responded…and we count our blessings for how it turned out.


     Incidentally, we are also reminded that the commercial airline business has passed the two year mark without a fatality…a miracle in itself!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
January 16, 17, 18, 2009

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