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Post-Mortem – The G-20 Summit!

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     The internationally-famous G-20 Summit meeting here in Pittsburgh is now history and the city is returning to normal.  In review, what were the pros and cons of the 2-day event?


     Did it live up to its expectations?  Was it worth all the fuss and fury?  Was it worth the $25 million that it cost?  Was it worth what it cost the city in lost revenue when the downtown area was sealed off – when the stores were boarded up…when the businesses were shut down…when many restaurants were closed?  Did it live up to expectations?  Did it prove any lasting value to the city?


     The answer, in our opinion of course, is yes and no!


     It’ll be a long time before we really know if the G-20 Summit produced any lasting value to the city.  It was always our belief that Mayor Ravenstahl and County Executive Dan Onorato were deluded when they predicted that the G-20 would so overwhelm the delegates that they would become promoters for our fair city!


     Looking on the plus side, Pittsburgh received international publicity – most of it favorable.


     It was originally predicted that the summit might attract up to 35,000 demonstrators, but fortunately, it never approached that estimate.  Yes, there were protest marches…yes, there were demonstrations.  For the most part they were peaceful.  Of course, there were the malcontents and vandals who caused damaged in Oakland and Lawrenceville, although nothing like what happened in London and Seattle.


     We congratulate our police and other security forces for maintaining the peace and protecting property.  Theirs’ was an outstanding performance!  Some critics said it was overkill and an unnecessary show of force.  To which we respond; it was sufficient to get the job done and that’s really what counted!


     It was unfortunate that our bustling downtown area became deserted and thousands of people were inconvenienced.


     So we come back to the basic issue – was it worth it?  Whether the G-20 will have positive results and whether we can make up for the revenue that was lost is still up in the air.   Only time will tell!


     In the final analysis, Mayor Ravenstahl and County Executive Onorato have determined it to have been a success!  After all, they got their pictures taken with President Obama and the visiting dignitaries!


     … And in politics – sometimes that’s all it takes!


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
October 2,3,4, 2009                                   


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