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The Primaries are Coming!

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     The next few weeks and months promise to be memorable on the political front.  First, we have the upcoming Primary Elections to be followed in November by the general elections.  The Democrats hope to retain their hold on the majority in both the House and the Senate.


     Meanwhile, there are several Gubernatorial campaigns at stake, including the governor’s race here in Pennsylvania, with Tuesday’s Primary the first hurdle for both parties.


     For the Republicans, the race for Governor is being narrowed down to Tom Corbett, the State’s Attorney General, and Sam Rohrer who is a member of the state legislature.


     On the Democrat side there are four front-running candidates; Dan Onorato, Allegheny County’s Chief Executive…Jack Wagner, the states Auditor General…Joe Hoeffel, a Montgomery County Commissioner…and Anthony Hardy Williams, one of our state Senators.  The way the race shapes up, it once again pits Eastern Pennsylvania against Western Pennsylvania.  Onorato and Wagner are well-known west of the Alleghenies while Hoeffel and William are better known east of Harrisburg.


     One of the comments frequently heard is why anyone would even want the job!  The next governor faces a colossal crisis with the state deeply immersed in a $3 billion budget hole.  Nonetheless, each of the avowed candidates is fighting desperately to be sworn in as Pennsylvania’s 46th governor.  The primary winners will square off in the November General Election. 


     In the Democratic Senatorial race veteran Arlen Specter is seeking a sixth

term.  The highly visible Specter, a longtime Republican, switched to the Democratic Party recently, knowing that he probably couldn’t win this election as a Republican and switched to better his chances to win the nomination and the general campaign as a Democrat.


     His popular opponent in the Democrat Primary is Joe Sestak, a retired Navy Admiral, who is currently a representative in the state’s 7th Congressional District.  For anyone who has been following this campaign, it’s apparent that Sestak has been picking up steam in this hotly-contested race and seems to be surging ahead.


     On the Republican side, former Congressman Pat Toomey is the heavy favorite with modest competition from Peg Luksik who is a perennial candidate.


     While it appears to be a given that Toomey will win the primaryand represent the Republican Party in the General Election, it’s difficult to predict who will win in the Specter-Sestaak contest.


 As always, we encourage – even implore the voters of Pennsylvania to make their voices heard.  With both the Governor’s office and an important Senatorial seat at stake, it’s time for standing up and express your feelings.




Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
May 14, 15, 16, 2010














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