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Some 2010 Hopes!!!

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     Here we are again…following an annual event…this time saying goodbye to 2009 and ushering in 2010…and as always, it’s a time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going now!


     Needless to say, it’s that time for New Year’s resolutions, but this year we’re bypassing the resolutions…that we never keep anyway…and focusing in on where we are headed.


     Sad to say, the year 2009 left us with many crosses to bear.  We have a world in turmoil…we have a shaky economy and a $12 trillion debt…we have unemployment above the 10% mark…we have a housing market in shambles…we have a healthcare system that requires some serious mending…with proponents battling for wholesale revisions and opponents fighting for a more modified change…and that’s only part of the inheritance that we have from 2009.


     At the risk of sounding overly optimistic, we should be keying our future to the work…Hope!  Perhaps it could b termed wishful thinking, but let’s see where…Hope…takes us.


     In 2010 we hope we can use the word “politician” without the modifying adjectives “crooked” and “corrupt”… that are applicable at the national, state and local levels.


     We hope we’ll find politicians with their hands in their own pockets…and not ours.  We hope we’ll find politicians with the country’s best interest at heart…and not theirs.


     On the international level we hope we’ll be able to quell the madness that drives countries to war and provokes senseless killings.  We hope that the recklessness of the global economy can be reined in and brought under control.


     More than anything else, we hope that our country will not be subjected to another terrorist attack like that which we suffered on 9/11 2001.


     On our state level, we hope that our state legislature can be freed of the corruption that has plagued it for years and that the plan to revamp the general assembly can move forward.  We can also hope that we can bring revitalization to our state’s economy and infuse our state’s elected positions of political leadership with gifted and dedicated people.


     Here in the city of Pittsburgh we hope we can avoid the pitfalls of one-party government and that we can emerge from our economic crisis in a realistic way.


     The list goes on and on and our hopes…wishful though they may be…are what we can hang onto.


     So, we hope the year 2010…for you and/or your family…will be much brighter than 2009.


     Oh…and one final…likely frivolous hope…can our pirates please have a winning season in 2010…


      …or is that too much to hope for?


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
December 31, 2009 January 1, 2, 2010                                   

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