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The Elevation of Donald Wuerl

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     We would like to add our congratulations to Archbishop Donald Wuerl on being designated by Pope Benedict XVI to join the College of Cardinals.  This is the highest honor that can be accorded to a member of the clergy of the Catholic Church.


     Sixty-nine year old Cardinal-elect Wuerl will serve as an advisor to the Pope and will be eligible to vote in any Papal election until his eightieth birthday.


     Those of us who live in Pittsburgh are especially proud of Archbishop Wuerl who is Pittsburgh born and bred and who served for 18 years as Bishop of the Pittsburgh Diocese.  We are pleased that Archbishop Wuerl has never forgotten his roots and that he has always had a great love for the city.


     Although named a Cardinal, he will continue to serve as Archbishop of the Washington, D.C. Diocese.  At the same time, he will assume the added responsibilities as a Cardinal.


     The official ceremonies in elevating Wuerl to the honor of Cardinal will begin on November 20th in Rome.


     As a Cardinal, Wuerl will have more prominence both nationally and internationally.  He will be one of 2 Americans and 24 Catholic leaders worldwide to join the College of Cardinals worldwide which will have 203 members.  There will now be 48 Americans who will be members of the College of Cardinals.


     Cardinal-designate Wuerl has had a distinguished career in the Catholic clergy…which began when he entered the priesthood in 1966.  He was ordained a Bishop in 1986 by Pope John Paul II.  In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI named him Archbishop of the Washington, D.C. Diocese.


     Throughout his career Archbishop Wuerl has gained a deserved reputation as a leading intellectual and author of books which are highly regarded in the world of religion.


     From a personal perspective, as a lector at St. Paul Cathedral for many years, I have been honored to be on the alter with Archbishop Wuerl on several occasions.  I found him warm and caring, truly interested and concerned about those of us assigned to assist him at mass.


     We are extremely proud of Cardinal-elect Donald Wuerl and wish him continued success in is distinguished career.


Robert W. Dickey

President & General Manager 

KQV  Newsradio
October 22, 23, 24,  2010


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