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The Sestak Controversy

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     One of the most controversial political stories this year has its origins in Pennsylvania—and now has taken on national importance.


     It all began when Joe Sestak, a retired Navy Admiral and now a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, made it known that he was interested in running for one of the state’s Senatorial seats, now occupied by Arlen Specter who was seeking re-election for his sixth term in the Senate.  Specter has always been a hot button item in Washington during his long senatorial tenure.  Most recently, he stirred the political pot when he gave up his long-time Republican affiliation and switched to the Democrat party.


     Not only was his a dramatic change, but it came at a crucial time in the Senate where the balance between Democrats and Republicans was at a crucial point.   Specter’s switch took on extreme importance.


     It was generally acknowledged that the reason for Specter’s switch came because he had lost favor in the Republican ranks and concluded that he couldn’t win again as a Republican.  As a matter of fact, he felt he couldn’t even win the Republican primary race against Pat Toomey.


     With that background, Specter threw his hat in the ring for the Democrat nomination in this year’s primary.  He knew he had the backing of President Barack Obama and the National Democrat party.


     That’s when he encountered a bump in the road.  That’s when it became known that Sestak was going to challenge him.  That’s when the big question developed…could Specter defeat Sestak in the State’s primary?


     That also was the issue when Sestak announced that he had been offered a powerful job with the Obama administration if he pulled out of the race, assuring a Specter victory.  The national media confronted President Obama and his associates…was Sestak really offered this deal?  President Obama and his spokesperson have played it cool…nobody has admitted anything!


     While there is nothing illegal in such a deal being offered, there are moral and ethical considerations.  The whole issue has caused friction in the Democrat Party.  There is another consideration…if Sestak should win against Toomey in the Fall Election, what role will he play on the national scene and what would his relationship with Obama and his advisors be?


     This is something we can all follow with great interest…so stay tuned!!!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
June 4,5,& 6, 2010

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Mr. Dickey, you seem to be an educated man who can read and, as such, you know full well that the name of the party is the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party. I realize the penchant of your station in deriding progressives, but get the name right, please. It's the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Would you like to be called Roger V. Dickley, hmmm?
-Carolyn , Oakmont
I listen to KQV because I know that I am going to get quality news with no political spin. I know that I am a bit different than many of the listeners, hosts, reporters and commentators, including the President of KQV that have a right leaning philosophy because I have a Liberal/Centrist Libertarian view. But I have enjoyed the fact that KQV has given me unbiased, quality news. Lately I have begun to doubt the lack of bias at KQV news. Over the last year I have noticed the use of the phrase "Democrat Party" not only in the latest editorial but also in news stories. This term is not indicative of your apparent non partisan, neutral news reporting that I have so enjoyed for so many years. As I’m sure you are aware the correct name is DEMOCRATIC Party and use of the Democrat Party phrase is meant to show disrespect to those you disagree with. please check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democrat_Party_%28phrase%29 I would expect this from a patrician political blogger that doesn’t respect both sides, has already made a judgment on a story and is forcing an agenda but not from KQV. What’s worse it isn’t just an accidental slip up during a live feed it is typed and read out loud from none other than the President and CEO Robert W. Dickey. I know editorials are opinion but editorials from the President are reflective of your news organization. I stopped listening to his opinion on the Joe Sestak job offer issue and thought what is Robert W. Dickey and KQVs agenda in offering this Editorial. Please stay an unbiased news organization and show political parties that you disagree with a modicum of respect by calling they by their proper name. Please don’t allow your personal political views cloud or appear to cloud the news stories you report. Thank You
-John , Pittsburgh
I was listening to today's editorial and was appalled to hear Mr. Dickey refer to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat" Party. This is either pure ignorance on his part or he is a Republican. This is a typical Karl Rove tactic. If he has followed the Democratic Party for years, he would know that there are Democrats in the Democratic Party.
-Donna, Irwin

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