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The 2009 Pittsburgh Primary…A One-Party Town’s Dismal Turnout!

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     The Tuesday, May 19th Primary Election is now history…the voters have spoken…the pundits are pontificating…and what have we learned?  Answer…not much that we didn’t already know!


     The Democrats…with a 6 to 1 voter registration advantage in the city of Pittsburgh – will continue to dominate the political scene.  We will have a Democrat mayor and a Democrat-controlled city council.


     What else did we learn?  Mr. Ravenstahl won the Mayoralty Primary Election with just 25.9% of the city Democrats voting.  One of the city’s political pundits called the turnout pathetic and embarrassing.  If the Democrat vote was disappointing, think of the Republicans…with only a 17.8% primary turnout!


     Interesting to note; Ravenstahl’s campaign spent $661,000, which turns out to be about $25 for each voter who turned out!  All of this is a sad commentary on politics in Pittsburgh.


     Is it ever going to change?  Are we committed to a one-party profile in Pittsburgh for the foreseeable future?  Apparently so…until pigs learn to fly or hell freezes over.  After all, Democrats have dominated Pittsburgh politics since 1932.


     With the Republican Party virtually dormant in Pittsburgh, one or two registered Independents have surfaced for the fall election…but their chances of winning are slim to none…even with a valiant effort!


     Getting back to the mayor’s Democratic primary race, We dad the incumbent Ravenstahl and two challengers – Patrick Dowd and Carmen Robinson.  Ravenstahl picked up 59% of the votes in the three-way race.


     There is legitimate competition in several of the judicial elections and that will all play out in the fall.  This will show if there’s a spark in the otherwise moribund Republican Party.


     Meanwhile, it seems evident that we will continue to have a one-party reign in Pittsburgh for the foreseeable future…


     ...whether we like it or not!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
Broadcast: May 29, 30, 31, 2009                                                            


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