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     The City of Pittsburgh and its Public Works Department have earned the Dumb-Dumb of the Month Award.  Of course, that’s hardly news here…the politicians who run the city, aided and abetted by their handpicked hired hands, have received this ignominious designation many times down through the years.  This time, they have surpassed themselves!

     First, let’s establish that we must have laws, rules and regulations in order to run the city.  However, too often, city officials abuse that privilege!

     This time it all started with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra when it was decided that the sidewalks that run along Penn and Liberty Avenues and Sixth Street near Heinz Hall required an overhaul.

     The Symphony, which is headquartered in Heinz Hall undertook the $900,000 project to replace the sidewalks, funded in part by PNC Bank.

     The contractor, with approved plans, completed the job, but in doing so, incorporated five stone tiles with PNC Bank’s name and corporate logo.  It should be noted that PNC Bank is a generous donor to the symphony.

     The masonry contractor obtained a residential sidewalk permit, as required, but the permit made no mention of logos…in our opinion, an understandable oversight!

     How did the city’s political numb-nuts react?  They demanded that the five stone tiles with the PNC logo be removed!  Here we are – confronted with major problems and serious financial difficulties – and what are our city officials worried about…five stone tiles with logos on the sidewalk near Heinz Hall!

     Never mind that PNC Bank is one of Pittsburgh’s most important corporate leaders – never mind that PNC bank is building a magnificent new building downtown – never mind that PNC is a generous donor to the Symphony and other cultural institutions!

     May we add that the tiles in question are tastefully designed and complement the new sidewalk!

     To demand that they be replaced doesn’t make sense.  It seems to us that the city has many more, major serious thoroughfare problems to solve.  In fact, while it’s laughable…it is also yet another grim reminder, that these Grant Street geeks have earned the option to be removed from their cushy jobs come the November 3rd election day of reckoning!


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
October 9, 10, 11, 2009                                   


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Dear Mr. Dickey, I couldn't have said it better myself. Instead of using the opportunity of the G-20 to broaden their horizons, the City's officials used this instance to demonstrate their small-town, small-minded, small-picture mentality. What a disgrace. Sincerely, Diane
What do you expect from a one party government. The people running the city will never be voted out of office.
-William , Dormont, PA

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