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Time to Ban Teacher Strikes!

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     Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of being the country’s leader in teacher strikes.  The strike more in Pennsylvania than all other states combined.  All things considered, this is a major blemish on our state’s record.


     Thirty seven states do not permit teachers to strike and there is now a crusade in Pennsylvania to ban them here as well.  It is well documented that teacher strikes harm students, families, and communities.  These strikes have financial as well as social and educational consequences.


     Financial burdens are conveyed by increased property taxes due to inflated teacher contracts and childcare costs during the strike.  Social consequences are displayed by strained relations between the teachers and the community and parents.


     Teacher strikes invariably come down to a dispute between teacher unions and school boards with the children being held hostage.  At the same time, taxpayers are also held hostage because it is they who, in the long run, have to pay the price.


     Critics of teacher strikes raise the point that teachers hold the trump hand because they do not suffer and financial losses.  In Pennsylvania teachers are required to work a minimum of 180 days.  In many cases they can strike and still work this minimum number of days without suffering any financial loss.


     Teacher strikes affect not only the classroom, but all of the other co-curricular activities.  In all of these strikes both sides use the battle cry – the children must come first – but in most strikes it is the children and the taxpayers who suffer.


     At one time teachers were underpaid, but down through the years, with improved contracts, teachers are now fairly compensated.  Critics of the teacher strikes advance the argument that teachers – for the most part – work nine months a year.  Fringe benefits for teachers now are more than adequate.  It comes down to the question – why does Pennsylvania lead the nation in teacher strikes?


     Newly elected Republican Governor Tom Corbett is open to banning teacher strikes and is investigating whether we should join the thirty seven other states that already ban them.  As often has been said – nobody wins…everybody loses when there’s a strike.


     To this end, we strongly urge Governor Corbett and the State Legislature to find a fair and equitable solution to this vital problem.


Robert W. Dickey

President & General Manager 

KQV  Newsradio
January 21, 22, 23, 2011

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Yes, lets ban teachers from their "right," to strike, then everyone else, make people take what-ever employer offers, hell lets do away with minimum wage, and any other labor laws, hell lets do away with due prossess, and any other rights, zig hiel
-Stephen , Pittsburgh, Pa.

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