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The National Malaise!

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     A story was circulating recently about the man who was asked the question: “What’s the most serous problem in this country – ignorance or apathy?”  To which the man replied: “I don’t know and I don’t care!”

     Unfortunately, there’s an element of truth in that story.  There are a vast number of people in this country who take a limited interest in the problems that the nation faces.

     A good example is voter turnout in our national and local elections.  In most cases only 40% of registered voters take the time or have the interest in voting.  The same is true at the national level where more people are concerned with what’s happening with professional golfer Tiger Woods than the do with the monumental problems facing us in the Middle East.

     People have a concern, but they also have a detachment.  In World War I and World Ward II almost every family was emotionally involved, mainly because of the draft where the military was represented from virtually all families.  Now that we have a volunteer Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, many of us take a “let them do the job” attitude…we’re really not represented!

     Yet, in truth, each and every one of us should be involved…concerned for every one in the military…particularly those in harm’s way.

     It has been pointed out that mankind, for the first time, has the capacity of destroying itself.  We have the weaponry and we have the international hatred to turn the world into a tinderbox.

     This is something we cannot ignore.  What’s happening in the Middle East…in Israel, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan affects all of us and the generations that follow.

     Nor can we fall victim to ignorance or apathy.  We must keep informed and take an active role in every aspect of our country.  To this end, make your voice heard!  We truly are a nation of the people… and we must make our presence felt!

     So, don’t be detached.  Be educated on the issues…be informed…and be a part of what’s happening!


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
December 4, 5, 6, 2009                                   

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