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The 2009 Election- Why Vote?

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     Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day.  It’s considered a so-called off-year election because there are no national or statewide legislative or executive office candidates on the ballot.  Yet, in our opinion, with dozens of local and regional office contests on the ballot, this is anything but an off-year at the polls.  In fact, many of them, when elected, will directly affect how your local neighborhood is cared for with your taxes! 


     While, over the years, for those of us who live and vote in Pittsburgh and are long time jaded with one party, Democrat dominance since 1928.  There are many regional and statewide races on the ballot that should be important to all of us.  Many of these contests are still wide open and deserve our attention.


     In Pittsburgh, central attention is focused on the Mayoralty Election.  Although Kevin Acklin and Franco “Dok” Harris have waged commendable campaigns, with the lopsided Democrat registration advantage, it is a foregone consensus that incumbent Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is the top-heavy favorite.  However, upsets are always a possibility, as remote, as they may be. 


     We are particularly concerned with the judicial races.  The winner of the Supreme Court race will swing the seven member court to either a Democrat or Republican majority and this will have a bearing on the State’s jurisdiction direction in the future.


     Meanwhile, recent polls show overall, voter confidence in Pennsylvania’s political direction is the lowest in 14 years!


     As we’ve always pointed out, voting is not only an obligation, it’s a privilege and it’s important that we all participate.  No matter at what level, how we vote determines where we go from here.  This election is a forerunner to the elections to be held in 2010 when both the Governor and a Senator will be determined.


     You should not minimize the importance of your vote on Tuesday.  All too often, we’ve expressed disappointment in the low turnout of registered voters, particularly at so-called off-year elections.  Let’s change that Tuesday!


     It’s apparent to all of us that the country is in the midst of crises, both nationally and internationally.  What could be more important that having all eligible voters casting their ballots in all elections and making their feelings known!


     Commenting, carping and criticizing are not enough-voting is.  It’s the only accountable way to express your feelings and opinions.  So, Tuesday, fulfill and important four-letter word – VOTE!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
October 30, 31, November 1, 2009                                   

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To Mr. Dickey You have been so right about this half-billion dollar Port Authority fiasco. Now Mr. Bland says that cutting service will improve the system. The only improvement to PAT would be to get rid of Mr. Bland. When he was hired it was hoped that he would improve the faltering system, instead he is responsible for making the problems worse. Thanks, Gary
-Gary , Carrick

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