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Kill the Death Tax!

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     Those of us who are taxpayers have accepted the fact that taxes are the price we pay to keep government running and to underwrite the necessary government programs.  We recognized that we have overt and hidden taxes that are buried in many of the things we buy or use.


     What we object to are taxes that are unnecessary or taxes that fill the pockets of politicians and their cronies.  Taxes come to us from all levels – federal, state and local.  It’s another truism that politicians always add taxes and never subtract any.  They never rescind an existing tax…even when it has served its purpose or outlive the purpose for which it was intended.  A case in point which is often used as an example is the tax that was enacted in the late 1990’s. to cope with problems that resulted from the Johnstown flood of 1889.  That tax is still in  that tax is sill in effect all these years later!     The tax that we find onerous and totally ill-conceived is the so-called “Death Tax” … officially known as the Inheritance Tax at both the federal and state levels.  It is also know as the Federal Estate Tax…or “Soak the Rich” tax.


     The Death Tax destroys the American dream of individuals working hard all their lives and are then denied the right to pass their savings along to their descendents.


     Actually, it’s three time taxation.  You work hard all your life and pay all your taxes including your income tax.  Then, if you have been able to save some money and invest it, you have to pay tax again on the income you may have earned from your investments.  That’s the double tax.  Then when you die you have to pay an inheritance tax on what is left.  That’s triple taxation and in our opinion. It’s totally outrageous!


     Congress is in the process of reviewing the federal estate tax and has exempted it for the year 2010.  The law will be rewritten and reinstated in 2011 which leads to the comedian’s’ line – it’s smarter to die in 2010!


     Even more unfair is the state Inheritance Tax.  If you die in Pennsylvania, there is no inheritance tax for spouses.  If you leave your estate to children…or siblings…of non-related survivors the tax can run from 4.5%n to 15%!  That takes the money out of the hands of surviving family members and gives it to the politicians to spend.


     To this end, we think the “Death Tax” should be abolished at the federal level and the state level.  We urge you to raise you voice to the cry…”Kill the Death Tax”!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
January,25, 26, 27,

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Though well reasoned and organized, Mr. Dickey presents the strong arguments against Estate and Inheritance Tax which have changed my mind ... in favor of the tax! When a person works during his life, he struggles to bear the daily burdens of living in this country (including paying taxes). The pressure of this drives a socially-responsible person to an early grave. Certainly, the political system is self-serving and the illustrious poiticins who follow in the steps of the late, great Davey Lawrence have never met a tax they didn't like. Yet, when is it more fair, when is it easier to pay a tax ... than after your death? After all, unless you can arrange to have the Brink's truck join the cortege, you can't take it with you! I say: get rid of the income tax, the alternate minimum tax, the capital gains tax, the school tax, the assessment tax, the personal property tax ... and the sales tax! There is no constitutional obligation of any government to provide for the passage of wealth to the next generation. So, why not eliminate the taxes that make is so difficult to acquire that nest-egg. Let the rotters scrape through my decaying flesh and osteoprothetic bones for their blood money ... and leave me in peace until then. Respectfully and with kindest regards, T. R.
-T. R. , Pittsburgh

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