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Time to Reaffirm…Pittsburgh Is…The City of Champions!

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     Down through its illustrious history Pittsburgh has gained many distinctive honors – Industrial Capital of the World – Steel Capital of the World – American’s Most Livable City – America’s Friendliest City – But the name that Pittsburgh’s sports fans cherish most is – Pittsburgh – City of Champions!


     It’s a title Pittsburgh richly deserves, particularly in professional sports.  Although there have been many ups and downs, Pittsburgh can boast of team championships in football, baseball, and hockey.  In addition, we’ve had reason to cheer for individual sports champions in boxing, golf, tennis and other sports.


     This weekend is no exception.  Come early Sunday evening, our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers take the field at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay against the Arizona Cardinals, which many suggest could qualify as “Steeler West”, since there are nearly a dozen on their payroll with Western Pennsylvania ties.


     It should be a great game and we trust that, thanks to the Rooney family – Steelers owners – and their great team – headed up by Mike Tomlin’s coaching staff, we’ll all enjoy a Super Bowl victory toast late Sunday evening, reaffirming once again that Pittsburgh deserves to be honored as “The City of Champions!”


     So…Here we go Steelers…here we go!


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
January 30, 31, February 1, 2009

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