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Memorial Day, 2011…Lest We Forget!

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      For most Americans, this memorial day weekend is primarily the first long three-day holiday of the coming summer season; a time for summer pleasures…golf, tennis, family reunions, outdoor barbeques and picnics.

     One of the last things most people think about is the real meaning of Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day.  This is indeed a unique holiday among those we celebrate each year because it’s the only holiday commemorating sad occasions; the supreme sacrifice paid by more than one million American military men and women who, over more than two centuries, have died to protect the freedoms guaranteed us by our Constitution.

     Since the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11th. 2001, Memorial Day has taken on even greater significance because of the myriad of contentious issues involving the global sites of deployment of our armed forces.

     As a result, we now have thousands of American servicemen and women, risking their lives, battling terrorism in the Middle Eastern Pakistan-Afghanistan region and in Iraq.

     Just this past week, seven U.S. troops were killed there when a powerful bomb exploded in a field where they were patrolling on foot.  The terrorist Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast.  Unfortunately, too many of our American troops are essentially “sitting ducks” to this myriad of terrorist attacks.

     Meanwhile, recent polls show voters are clearly tired of this almost 10-year-old war.  Responding, President Obama announced plans to withdraw an unspecified number of troops from that area beginning in July but only a fraction of the 100,000 troops assigned there are expected to leave.

     This weekend, as each of us gathers with friends and relatives to celebrate the advent of summer, we at KQV hope that you may give more than just a moment’s reflection to recall and appreciate the sacrifice of our fellow Americans who are now or have served previously in our armed forces, including ,more than 165,000 military veterans in Allegheny County, who, over the years and many wars, have served bravely in our armed services so that you and I may be free!

     May they always be in our prayers…


Robert W. Dickey

President & General Manager 

KQV  Newsradio
May  27, 28, 29,  30, 2011

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