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The Election of Pittsburgh’s Mayor…the Same Old Story…with a G-20 Twist!

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     November of this year brings with it the election of the Mayor of Pittsburgh.  We anticipate no surprises.  The Democrats with a 7 to 1 registration advantage over Republicans – will continue their grip on the mayor’s office – as they have done since 1928. 


     The other obvious fact is that Luke Ravenstahl – the man who inherited the mayor’s office with the unfortunate death of the late Mayor Bob O’Connor – will

Undoubtedly be a shoo-in to continue his uncontested reign.  It has often been said that Luke Ravenstahl, by coincidence as much as intent, has been at the right place at the right time to inherit the mayor’s office.


     Since we’ve had a one-party control of the city since the aforementioned 11928, the only real contest is confined to the Democratic primary and Ravenstahl, with his power base, took control of the upcoming election on the Democrat side.


     Sad to say, there has been no real opposition for years.  There is no functioning Republican Party and, what party there is, has provided only token opposition over the years.


     Unseating Mayor Ravenstahl would be a monumental job.  Over the years, we’ve campaigned long and hard to encourage the local Republican Party, if there is such an entity, to revitalize itself and provide city voters with a viable alternative to the Democrats’ choices for local elective offices.


     What we don’t need in this competitive urban environment is a rubberstamp party.  From time to time, city council has raised its voice, but it is, more often, an ineffective – me too – confirming body – dancing to the administration’s tune.


     Are we destined to continue to be a one-party city – not only a one-party city, but a Ravenstahl controlled city?  What would it take to unseat the 29 year old mayor…or a least to provide some realistic second point of view?  It’s not that we think unfavorably of the mayor – we just want a choice – a choice with real possibilities.


     As we know, Ravenstahl and County Executive Dan Onorato pushed hard to bring next week’s G-20 Summit here to Pittsburgh.  While we appreciate the importance of the conference, we have questioned whether our city/county area is the appropriate place to host it when there are more, better facilitated urban venues available…although we’ve been told that some of these areas have declined the questionable honor of being invited as host.


     We’ve been told that Mayor Ravenstahl wanted to play host to the G-20 Summit with the thought in mind it will enhance his political future.  The anticipated protestors and demonstrators could cause major trouble…just as they did in London and Seattle.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the G-20 summit…and for our youthful mayor!

Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
September 18, 19, 20, 2009                                   

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I'm a suburbanite and thus have no vote in the city election. But if I were a city resident, my vote would go to Franco Dok Harris and CHANGE....change that would eventually filter into the County of Allegheny. Think city residents.......think long and hard......and vote Harris!
-Darleen , Monroeville

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