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The North Shore Connector Project…An Utter Waste of Your Tax Dollars!

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     Since its inception…from the time it was foisted on the public despite overwhelming opposition, we have campaigned vigorously and editorially multiple times against one of the ugliest local political boondoggles of our time – The North Shore Connector – the tunnel under the Allegheny River to join the Golden Triangle and the  north shore of the city.


     Pittsburgh is known worldwide as a city of bridges and we need the North Shore Connector like we need a hole in the head!


     First, it is unnecessary!  Add to that the cost which has escalated from the original estimate of $360 million to over $500 million.  Then comes the question – since it was roundly opposed, who was for it?  The answer is …some politicians, the unions and other vested interests.  Their argument has been that most of the money has come from the federal government and we shouldn’t let that money pass by.


     During its multi-year construction it has tied up downtown Pittsburgh

and has severely damaged many downtown businesses.  Looking at the

long range, the added question is – will the tunnel have any useful

purpose and will it be a costly proposition to maintain  A follow-up – will

it always be a loser?


     The subject of the North Shore Connector has moved to the forefront

again with a recent national report which cites the Connector as a

waste  of government money.  By the way, $62 million in stimulus funds

were pumped into the project to keep the connector alive-which, as the

report says is “throwing good money after bad.”


     The report also points out that the Connector was plagued with

problems from the very beginning and at one point was on life supports. 

To quote the report again, it says: “whether it will provide a true benefit

to the city is a matter of controversy, given that it will primarily serve to

bring people to sporting events and a gambling casino.”


     It should be noted that the project is now about 75 percent complete

and is scheduled to begin passenger service in March 2012.


     This is truly another case of “It’s government money so why not use it

whether it’s a worthwhile project or not.”


     In our opinion, this project is an utter waste of your tax dollars.  Is it

any wonder that this country is in such a financial mess!  May we add

that we’re talking about federal funds…but it’s all taxpayer money, some

of which will be coming out of your pocket!


      May the Lord protect us…because it’s obvious some of these self-

serving politicians won’t.  However, since some of them may again be on

 ballot in November seeking your vote, we’ll try to refresh your memory

between now and election day  it’s time to vote ‘em out…now!


Robert W. Dickey


KQV  Newsradio
August 6,  7, 8,   2010

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