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Pittsburgh – Pothole Capital of America!

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     Do you remember a few years ago when Pittsburgh was given the title – "The Most Livable City in America?"  Well, Pittsburgh is rapidly gaining another honor – this one not so enviable, "Pittsburgh – the Pothole Capital of the Nation!"

     Anybody who drives a vehicle in the city will quickly attest that Pittsburgh is quickly becoming "a city of Burma Roads."  There are potholes everywhere, damaging cars and other vehicles and driving the operators of those vehicles crazy.

     There's a great danger when you see drivers weaving and swerving, trying to avoid the potholes and, in doing so, endgangering their lives and the lives of other drivers in the vicinity.  Some of these potholes are, in reality, chasms.  There's no way a driver can avoid them.

     Apologists for the potholes-those self-appointed experts in the world of potholes and why they exist attribute the potholes and the pothole phenomenon to the winter weather with the cycle of freezes and thaws.
Others attribute our harvest of potholes to years of poor road construction, poor maintenance, and the use of inferior materials.  We're a city of paving band-aids.

     One expert in the field says that the beds of most of the streets were built in a faulty manner and, as a consequence, we are reaping the dividends.  But here's the puzzle that's very confounding.  Some of our roads and streets are pothole free.  Take the heavily used parkways.  For the most part they are in good condition.

     Meanwhile, some of our city streets are a disaster!  Some of those have good sections and bad sections. Whydo some streets remain relatively pothole free while others are a menace to all drivers.  We ask the question- why? 
It seems in Pittsburgh it's not the flowers that bloom in the Spring; it's the potholes!

     Here's something else to think about.  Other cities with the same weather conditions as we have, have solved the problem and are not plagued with potholes.

     Hmm...what do they know that we don't?  Maybe it's time for our public officials to find out!
Robert W. Dickey  
President & General Manager 
KQV  Newsradio

Broadcast:    April 29, 30, May 1, 2011

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Many of the streets in the Pittsburgh area and suburbs still have the streetcar tracks underneath the multiple layers of asphalt. The wooden cross-ties have long since rotted, leaving voids, and therefore potholes. Bottom line is to do the paving job right the first time by removing these rails and ties, installing a good base, then apply pavement.
-Gary , Carnegie
The technical condition of our country's transportation is abysmal. Our politics and economy are out of kilter with the prosperous healthy future. Donated blood and found out that 50 years ago we drastically reduced experimenting nuclear energy. 3 mile Island cost some lives and property. Unintentional loss of lives and property due to nuclear energy is miniscule compared to those lost on the multi-lane expressways populated by poorly controlled, rubber wheeled, nternal combustion engine, vehicles. We should be using controlled electronic path rail / Maglev type vehicles that move at many fold higher speeds at a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the danger. Electronic path vehicles moving higher speeds occupy less property... require less maintenance... and uses inexpensive energy that can be provided by our country Imagine being able to travel from Miami, Florida to Portland, Oregon in hours safely. Today it is imperative that we fight this national battle again. The enemy is old transportation technology and the accompanying complacency. Highways and automobiles in their current state have claimed more lives than all wars put together. We are exceedingly dependent on major fuels supplied by in some cases are very anti-United States of America countries. I personally would endorse Westinghouse over the Middle East. Automakers can adapt public and hybrid private vehicles that could take advantage electronically controlled nuclear powered high-speed technology which been available but dormant within our own borders for some time. Even some ancient rail systems (such as the New York commuter trains) still do an admirable job. (Imagine New York City without them.) Advanced nuclear energy and rail systems could provide us with a much more modern safe high-speed transit system that still affords us modern vehicles speeding safely to more destinations much more economically. No traffic signs or red lights... no passing... no traffic jams... no exhaust fumes... no cell phone distractions... This is the season where we ask political candidates and agencies about our direction. Repairing our highways and relying on rubber wheeled individual controlled vehicles writing in front of behind and abreast of each other in confined spaces at speeds of up to 70 miles an hour is downright dangerous. Automakers can adapt public and hybrid private vehicles that could take advantage electronically controlled high-speed technology. This technology has been available and dormant within our borders for some time. It would affect not only automakers but insurance companies who would reduce loss and therefore price. Medical vehicles could function more quickly in emergencies. We ended the last depression by putting our citizens to work by massive building of equipment and infrastructure. Why don't we revolutionize transit and put more people in this country to work, reduce our costs, while reducing our national outflow of wealth. Let’s quit bleeding our population of lives wealth and lifestyle?
-Kenneth , Mount Washington

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