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The Penguin’s Stanley Cup Victory Confirms Pittsburgh as America’s City of Champions!

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     Well, it’s over, and thanks to a valiant effort by the Penguins – in one of the most dramatic and exciting hockey playoffs of all time, Pittsburgh has once again been imprimatured America’s City of Champions!


     It was a perfect example of courage under fire and the Penguins were the comeback kids.  With the chips down they defeated the Detroit Red Wings in the crucial 7th game on Detroit’s home ice.  What a change a season makes!


     Last year the Penguins and the Red Wings fought the same playoff and the Penguins came up short, with Detroit winning the Stanley Cup in six games, and proudly parading the victors’ symbol of superiority around the Mellon Arena ice while the home folds moped and headed for the exits.


     We should pay tribute to the players – one and all – who gave it all they had and particularly to Head Coach Dan Blysma, brought in by team owner Mario Lemieux in mid February with the Pens muddling in mediocrity, seemingly out of the running for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  He led the Penguins to 18 wins, 3 ties, and 4 losses and fourth place in the Eastern Conference, qualifying them for the playoffs!


     Pittsburgh is fortunate to have had Mario as part of the legend – as a player and as an owner.  He certainly has added to Pittsburgh’s winning sports profile.


     It’s nice to be on the winning side.  The city has many heroes at Mellon Arena – Like Sidney Crosby, Geno Malken, Marc Andre Fleury and all the other members of the Penguins.  We share their glory!


     And thanks also to the nearly 400,000 Penguin fans who turned out Monday for the team’s victory parade, comporting themselves with respectful enthusiasm, typical of a population now accustomed to public commemoration of sports championships.  What a contrast to the near riots that erupted in Los Angeles the day before, following the Lakers basketball championship.


    Pittsburgh is truly “America’s City of Champions”!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
June 18, 19, 2009                                   


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