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A Christmas Wish for All

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     Christmas is the time of the year when most of us tend to be reflective.  We reflect on the year that’s gone by…on the present…and all the promise that evolves from our celebration of the birthday of the Prince of Pease; and we reflect on our desires and our hopes for the coming year.


     The most amazing thing about this season is that it is probably the only time in all the twelve months of the year that we recognize the unity of the many different peoples of this season.  After all, deep down in our hearts, most, if not all of us are truly unified in our desires for the same simple things.


     At the core of our desires, if we could all bring ourselves to admit it, is the overwhelming wish for peace and the manifestation of good will by all humanity.  Almost no one on earth wants war, killing, or pestilence.  We all need food and shelter; we all want safety in our everyday lives…and good health; and we all want a chance to earn a good living.


     Most of all, we want and need the love of our families, friends, and neighbors.  When you stop to think about it, there’s really no reason that we all should not share in these benefits and desires.  None of them takes away from the needs and desires of others.  These are things that persons of goodwill, in the spirit of true love, forgiveness, and caring, could share with all of humanity.


     From all of us at KQV to all of you, our most sincere wishes at this most joyous of seasons for a generous portion of this great spirit of sharing and caring. 


     Thank you for allowing us to share with you some of our thoughts for this glorious occasion.


    Merry Christmas… a Happy Holiday to you all!


Robert W. Dickey  

President & General Manager 

KQV  Newsradio

December 24, 25, 2010

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