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Ed Rendell’s Proposed Income Tax Raise…Time to Raise Your Voices Instead!

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     It’s often been said that when politicians don’t know what else to do, they raise taxes…or as another old adage puts it-there’s never been a tax that politicians didn’t like.  And, of course, we, the taxpayers, are always the victims – we always pay the price!


     Remember the movie “Network” when Peter finch stands up on network television and says, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”  That’s exactly what we as taxpayers should say in no uncertain terms.  We’ve had it – we’ve really had it!


     Counterbalance that with the greed and avarice that is inculcated in our elected officials – they are always promoting their pet projects and lining their pockets at our expense.


      Now when all of us are struggling to make ends meet, our illustrious governor – the tax-happy Ed Rendell – is proposing a raise in the state income tax – from 3.7% to 3.57%...a more than 16% increase!  Assuming that all taxpayers are naïve, he says the increase will be temporary – only lasting for the next three years at which time it would be rescinded.  How dumb does this Philly Cheesecake governor think we are?


     Pennsylvania historians remind us of the state’s commitment years ago to assess a temporary 10% tax on all wine and liquor sales to pay for the Johnstown flood damage of 1936.  We are still paying that tax, more than 40 years later but oops, it’s now up to 18% which proves again…one of the rarest things in the world is the rescinding of a tax.  Politicians may promise that, but they just don’t get around to doing it.


     We can anticipate a projected state budget of $28.5 billion for the upcoming year.  Rendell says – with a straight face – that he and his “empty suit” colleagues have cut the budget to the bone.  To which we respond…are you kidding?

     Those of us who live in Pennsylvania are aware of the waste that’s been a part of Harrisburg maneuvering for years.  It starts with the State Legislature that is one of the largest in the country and one of the highest paid…a legislature that rewards itself with pay raises and bonuses.


     In our opinion, we elect the governor and the state legislators to allocate our tax dollars in the most responsible, judicious way possible and to oversee that they are being spent appropriately.  But apparently, they don’t see it that way!


     If you qualify as a frustrated taxpayer, we urge you to get up and raise your voice…”I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more!”


     While those strident, frustrated words were said more than thirty years ago, how very appropriate they are today!  I couldn’t have said it better!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
June 25, 26, 27, 28, 2009                                   

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Regarding your excellent editorial: I've contacted Rep. Matt Smith and Sen. Wayne Fontana as well as all of the officers for the PA senate. One secretary hung up on me. Ohhhh, yes. Many were polite. Sen Costa's office actually called me back. How refreshing! Now, whether a sufficient amount of us taxpayers has contacted their officials remains to be seen. As of Thursday, I haven't heard of any cuts--ex: cutting their salaries, elimiating alll out-of-state trips, eliminating paying the gambling board, getting our money back from Mr. Veon, etc -- for Harrisburg. Sooooo, I do not anticipate any concern for us. They don't care that we're angry, because there's no consequence involved. I'll remember in Nov... for what? More of the same? Remember, they get an automatic pay raise!!!!!!!!! They're not hurting in the least. That makes me so angry!
Totally agree with you about Gov. "SpendWell". Thing is, what DO we do to cut the number of representatives and their huge lifelong perks? Most of us have full enough schedules trying to work and pay our taxes. And our questionable representatives take full advantage of that! KZ
-KZ , pittsburgh

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