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Governor Rendell’s Belated…and Costly Enlightenment!

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     Well, miracle of miracles…Governor Ed Rendell has had a major revelation!  He has confessed that the ill-advised North Shore Connector Project has been a tragic mistake.  Elaborating on that comment, the Governor said that the millions already poured into the Connector have been poorly spent.


     Originally proposed as a $362 million project, the Connector Tunnel to be built under the Allegheny River to join the Golden Triangle to the North Shore – now carries a more expanded cost estimate of $553 million…and who knows what it will ultimately cost us taxpayers?


     The project is currently stalled in mid-construction since the Port Authority has run out of money.  It says it needs another $118 million to restart the effort.  Proponents of the project – misguided from the beginning, in our opinion, sold it on the basis that most of the money would come from the federal government…that the funds would go elsewhere if we didn’t grab it for our region…and that the money would buy more local jobs.


     So, the Port Authority embarked on the project because the federal money available…despite overwhelming opposition from the general public that it was a waste of federal funds that could be invested elsewhere in the community!


     In public polls the voters were totally unsympathetic to the whole boondoggle and expressed those feelings.  Over the past few years, we’ve even editorialized frequently against this senseless project.  Since so many were against it, who was for it? 


     Among the proponents of the Connector were some politicians who were in office at the time…politicians with familiar names like Specter, Murphy, Santorum, Roddey, Hart…and of course, the unions, the construction industry, and the board of the Allegheny County Port Authority favored it.


     In our opinion, this misguided project is another example of federal government “pork barrel” spending that continues to dig this nation into an ever deeper deficit pothole.


     At the risk of saying we told you so… we told you so!  We’re glad that Governor Rendell has had his current revelation.  We just wish he had had it at a time when this whole runaway transit endeavor could have been sidetracked! 


     It’ll be interesting to learn what these political dimwits intend to do next to dig themselves out of this mess…


     So stay tuned!



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
February 20, 21, 22, 2009

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