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Power to Us Taxpayers! Let’s be Victors...Not Victims!

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     Over the years, one of the most popular comic strips has been “Peanuts” and one of the most memorable of the Peanuts strips has Charlie Brown trying to kick the football that his little friend Lucy is holding.  Every time Charlie runs forward to kick the ball, at the last second Lucy pulls the ball back and Charlie takes a pratfall!


     A real life variation of that comic strip has us taxpayers playing the hapless Charlie Brown while Lucy is playing the role of our greedy politicians – national, state, and local.  Why?  Because they continue to sucker us and we continue to fall over meekly on our back sides!


     Do you realize that each of us, as taxpayers, pays a total of 13 taxes – some overt and some subtle – everything from income taxes at all levels to add-on taxes like gasoline, real estate, sales mercantile…and on and on down the line.


     It’s a fact of life that we pay 30 to 35% of our incomes on taxes – and the tragic truth is we accept our fate with hardly a murmur.  What’s happening right now in Harrisburg is a total disgrace.  Our elected politicians there have missed the June 30th deadline for the annual budget.  Instead of finding ways to cut spending, they are constantly looking for new or increased taxes.  They keep picking our pockets and we don’t resist!


     Many of us only pay attention to what’s going on when elections come around…which is unfortunate because this is a day to day matter…and, as a consequence we should…every one of us, raise our voices in protest and we should do it every day…all the time!


     To this end, when you get up in the morning, every morning, look in the bathroom mirror and blame the culprit looking back at you.  That’s the person most responsible for this mess.  Blame yourself because you’re part of the problem.


     For example, we have a fulltime, bloated legislature that keeps lining its own pockets.  We must reduce the size of the legislature and take away some of their perks.  We must hold the governor and the members of the legislature accountable.  Some of them should be in jail instead of the state legislature.


     Is there something we can do…something to make a change? The answer…yes!  First of all, we should have a Constitutional Convention and change the rules.  For too many years we’ve been caught in the quagmire of …”business as usual”! It’s time to change all that.


     A Constitutional Convention is the first step.  Instead of saying “woe is me”, it’s time to do something about it.  We the taxpayers are being taken for a ride…nationally, on the state level, and locally.


     It’s time for us to be victors – not victims!  It’s time to show we have some backbone and do something about it.  We have the power – let’s use it!


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
July 10, 11, 12,  2009                                   


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What a bunch of BS. sounds a little sophomorish 2 me. Don’t advocate playing with the constitution. UR just asking 4 trouble!!!!
-bill , sutersville pa
dear robert: how can we reduce the size of our legislators? what are the neccessary steps; and what needs to be accomplished first? seriously eric
-eric, n.huntingdon
I listened to Mr. Dickey’s commentary this afternoon. I totally agree with every thing he had to say. This has been on my mind for along time now and i certainly wish we could do something about all the corruption and size of our bloated legislature. Please keep me posted as to what if anything can be done to help solve the problem we have with our federal, state, and local greedy government officials. A very unhappy citizen
-myron , pittsburgh,pa.
If we want to pay less, then we need to want less in the way of services. Change won't come until we stop electing people who say "No Tax Increases" while at the same time touting the increased services they deliver. The power of the people to reduce taxes is in the demand side of the equation.
-Scott, Allison Park

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