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The New Era in Harrisburg

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     The big question is – is there a new day dawning in Harrisburg – or will it be four more years of the same old?


     With the departure of Governor Ed Rendell and his administration and a shake-up in the State Legislature and the arrival of newly-elected Governor Tom Corbett and a restructured makeup of the State Legislature, where do we go from here?


     It goes without saying that the Rendell years have been highly controversial with some supporters and a lot of critics.  The same is true of the State Legislature which certainly had a checkered record!


     So what we have is a dramatic change with the Republican Party taking control of Harrisburg.  This is a golden opportunity for the new administration to introduce some badly-needed changes.


     The emphasis will continue to be on the budget, employment, integrity in our leadership, constructive and productive legislation, an emphasis on term limitations, and a new feeling of a change for the better.


     Those of us who live in Pennsylvania have the right to be cynical about our state government.  We have witnessed scandals, self-serving legislators, lack of leadership, budget hijinks,  and legislative abuses.  To be fair, there have been some positive elements in the work of our sate leaders, but the time is ripe for Governor Corbett and the revamped State Legislature to turn things around and put the state back on the right track.


     We were bombarded with campaign promises – now is the time to deliver on those promises.  It’s easy to second guess and criticize – it’s more important to know how to deliver on those promises.     


     This is a golden opportunity.  Now is the time to put a new shine on Harrisburg…where the people will come first and not the politicians.  It’s time for the Corbett administration to accept the challenge and make the right things happen!


     The battle lines are drawn and it’s time for the people we elected to prove that we were right.  From now on – it’s up to Governor Corbett and the State Legislature to produce.


     The big question is – will they?  Let’s hope so!


Robert W. Dickey  

President & General Manager 

KQV  Newsradio

Broadcast February 18, 19, 20, 2011


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