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The Importance of Tuesday’s Primary Elections!

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     As a radio station that’s been committed formatically to All News for more than 30 years, it’s incumbent on us to remind you, our valued listeners, of the importance of voting in all of our elections.  With that in mind, we want to underscore that next Tuesday, May 19th, is Primary Election Day in Pittsburgh with many important offices in contention.

     We’ve always believed in the importance of a two (or more) party system nationally and locally.  Sad to say, the Democratic Party assumed control of Pittsburgh politics in 1932 and has been in command since that time.  Whether it be Republican or Democrat, we always pay the price for one party rule.

     While we are urging you to vote on May 19th, we add with regret that the Republican Part has not filed a candidate in many of these races!

     The mayoral election in Pittsburgh is a good example.  There are three Democratic candidates running in that campaign while there are no candidates for mayor on the Republican ticket.  While that leaves Republican voters out in the cold, it does give Democrat voters a choice among incumbent Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and two rivals – Patrick Dowd and Carmen L. Robinson.  This election is a referendum on what kind of a mayor, Ravenstahl has been…and under the circumstances, the winner in this Democrat Primary race is really a choice of who our next mayor will be.

     Of great importance is the campaign for justice of the Supreme Court and those for Judge of Superior Court, Commonwealth Court, and Common Pleas Court.  Fortunately, in all four of these elections both parties are well represented.

     The question is often raised how votes can be cast intelligently for those offices when little is known about the candidates.  We recommend that voters check qualifications, endorsements and records of the candidates running for those offices.  Recommendations of the Bar Association should also be taken into consideration.

     In addition, there are elections being conducted Tuesday for sheriff, county council, city council, and various school board directors.  But unfortunately, in too many of these contests, there are no republican candidates filed.

     Nevertheless, we urge you to be an informed voter and to vote in this upcoming Tuesday, May 19th Primary.



Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
Broadcast: May 15, 16, 17, 2009                                                           

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