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Governor Rendell’s Juggling Act!

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     You probably remember the book and the movie – “The Juggler of Notre Dame”.  Well in Harrisburg we have Governor Ed Rendell – the juggler of the Pennsylvania budget!


     If the proposed budget of $29 billion isn’t enough to give you the willies, just remember that the difference between the budget and reality is 2.3 billion – that’s the anticipated shortfall in state revenues!


     Governor Rendell, like the governors of many other states, is turning to President Obama and the federal government for a bailout.  Rendell, jumping on the bandwagon, is hoping the change of government in Washington, with the Democrats back in power, will come to the aid of Pennsylvania.


There are many debatable issues in the proposed budget, but the governor continues to believe that legalized gambling can help the cause.  That’s one of the major components in his 2009-2010 budget.  Remember when he promised that legalized gambling would be the savior to of our problems?  Well, we’re still waiting!


     One of the interesting sidelights to the governor’s thinking is his sudden bid to legalize video porker in bars, restaurants, and private clubs.


     To put this into perspective, investors ponied up $50 million for a license to operate one of the state authorized 14 casinos, seven of which, including the one here in Pittsburgh have yet to open. 


     Meanwhile, the governor is anxious to permit up to five video poker machines in each of 18,000 establishments with state liquor licenses.


     It has long been an fiscal fact that no economy can be built with gambling as the foundation.  In fact, we already have legal forms of gambling by machines in establishments around the state.  Now, the governor wants to add video poker machines.


     It should be noted that we also heave the Pennsylvania State Lottery which provides funds for programs to aid senior citizens. 

That raises the interesting question – would the proposed video poker machines drain money from the lottery…and how would they affect the casinos?


     Because of these possible profit pitfalls, we think that a serious study should be made of this issue before we jump into the video poker business!


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
February 13, 14, 15, 2009

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