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Remembering the Life of Ted Kennedy…

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     The Death of Senator Ted Kennedy, following shortly after the death of his sister – Eunice Kennedy Shriver – closed another chapter in the saga of one of the country’s legendary families.


     Ted Kennedy was the 9th child – the youngest child – of Joseph and Rose Kennedy and, living in the shadow of his famous brothers John F. and Robert Kennedy, he rose to unprecedented power in the United States Senate.


     The Kennedy sons were groomed for power by their father, Joseph Kennedy.  The oldest son – Joe Kennedy Jr. – was placed first on the political track by his father.  Unfortunately, he died in World War II while serving in the Air Force.


     Stepping up behind his brother Joe – was John F. Kennedy who rose through congress to the presidency.  Joining his brother in his administration was Robert Kennedy who he appointed Attorney.


     As we know, both John and his brother Robert were tragically assassinated – two momentous events in this nation’s history.  Ted Kennedy accepted the family’s mantel and followed his brothers’ footsteps to become United States Senator from Massachusetts where he served since 1962.  He became known as the “lion of the Senate”…probably the most powerful man in the legislative body.


     During his more than 4 decades in the senate he sponsored or co-sponsored more than 2,500 bills.  His influence was far reaching and he was never reluctant to exert that influence.  Needless to say, Ted Kennedy was extremely controversial – admired by some and disliked by others.  Many years ago he escaped death in a plane crash, suffering back injuries that plagued him the rest of his life.


     Any hopes he had for the presidency were quelled with the tragedy of his negligence involving the untimely death of his friend Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick Island on July 18, 1969.  Ted Kennedy had other scrapes in his life and his troubled first marriage to Virginia Joan Bennett brought another touch of sadness to his life.


     The last several months of his life were virtually a death sentence after he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  He put up a valiant fight, but his death was just a matter of time.  A northern liberal, he carried the torch for civil rights, economic rights, and other social causes.


     His loss will certainly be felt in the United States
Senate, but the Kennedy name, for good or ill, will always be with us.


Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
August 28, 29, 30, 2009                                   

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Mr. D. Dickey I caught your Editorial this morning. It appeared at first to be a good and fair recounting of Ted Kennedy’s life work. THEN THE LAST LINE: His loss will certainly be felt in the United States Senate, but the Kennedy name, for good or ill, will always be with us. GOOD OR ILL. How petty and mean-spirited! I do not know you personally. All I have to go on are your editorials. I have never felt them fair or objective but this one today goes beyond differences in political philosophies. Three members of this Kennedy family gave their lives for this country in war and because of undeserved hate. YES TED MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE AND SOME ONE DIED. He spent the rest of his life working for the American people. What would a family have to do for you to consider their contributions good not ill? I guess you do take your lead from the people who answer your daily pools. It is a sure bet history is smarter than your listeners. Your questions are often constructed to elicit hateful, petty results. Your racist, spiteful callers always chose the malicious answer. I always thought one person sat and made call after call to increase the worst answer. Now I think because of your attitude only malevolent people listen to your station. I will no longer be listening. You probably don't care but your sponsors might.
-Rosemary , Bethel Park, PA
Dear Robert W Dickey, Your editorial about teddy Kennedy was very nice and straight forward, but Joe Kennedy the air force captain that flew the liberator bomber filled to the brim with high explosives with a crew of brave men to bomb a ball bearing factory in Holland were true heroes in every sense of the word. The mission was one way, they were to aim the plane at the factory and bail out and have the plane explode and stop production of ball bearings, unfortunately over the English the plane just exploded killing all members. Joe Kennedy had true guts and not enough is really said about his valor and bravery along with the others on board. Can you just imagine saying yes to that mission, quite a man indeed. thanks Walter
Ted Kennedy was first a politician and then a man. He did have a deep dedication to causes he believed in and would stop at nothing to achieve his goals. I said that to point out my believe that no one man or women should have that kind of power within our government. Ted Kennedy was just another example of why we should have limited terms for congress and the senate. Far to many politicians make serving the people their lives work and power and corruption soon become just another way of doing business. I have heard the arguments that limiting terms would hurt the good folks now serving, sort of like throwing the baby out with the bath water. The baby is already dead thanks to long term, professional, greedy politicians whom have used their power for their own gain, not to serve. It is time to take back our government and the first step is limit the terms of any politician so men cannot build their own private kingdom within our government, just like Ted Kennedy did.
-Dan , McKees Rocks
You forgot to add the letters i s t to the word social!
-Bob, Pittsburgh

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