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Post Mortem – The Race for Pennsylvania Governor!

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    In our last editorial we devoted our attention to the race for the Senate and the victories of Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey in the state’s primaries.  We promised to do a similar evaluation in the race for governor of Pennsylvania in this editorial.


     One thing is very obvious and you can bet on it with the assurance of victory…the next governor in Pennsylvania will come from western Pennsylvania.  That’s a fact with Dan Onarato winning the Democrat primary and Tom Corbett winning the Republican race.


     Both Onorato and Corbett have strong track records.  Onorato has been in the political field for many years – most recently as the Chief Executive of Allegheny County.  He won a resounding victory in the primary election, but he was not without his critics.  Onorato stresses that he has always held the line on budgets.  He has been deeply involved in the battle over property assessments, trying to hold the status quo.  There have been seeral judicial rulings calling for a complete review of assessments – a position that Onorato has opposed.


     On the other side of the fenced, Tom Corbett has been a pillar of strength in the Republican Party for many years.  Most recently he has served as Attorney General of the state and has been in the forefront of the bonus-gate litigation inarrHarrisburg.


     It appears that both Onorato and Corbett have their power bases, but the big question is – How will they fare in Philadelphia and the midsection of the state?  This is one of the few times when there is not a candidate from Philadelphia so the question is – how will the Onorato and Corbett campaigns play in those areas?


      There is also the political climate – both national and regional – which will have a bearing on the outcome of this race.  Right now, there is a lot of political fervor throughout the country and how that will be reflected in the race for Pennsylvania governor is hard to predict.

     As you can expect – both Corbett and Onorato have one thing in common – they both pledge to clean up Harrisburg.  Now, we wonder where we’ve heard that before?


     It will be interesting to see how the voters react in the post-Rendell climate.


     In any case, the battle lines are drawn – now it’s up to the voters.





Robert W. Dickey


KQV Newsradio
May 28, 29, 30, 2010                                   



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