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Bethany Emanuel
Writer, Editor
Bethany started at KQV in June of 2006.She holds a degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies from Duquesne University. In college, Bethany concentrated on print journalism and started in broadcasting at KQV. Bethany is a native Pittsburgher and loves the Steelers, but when it comes to baseball, she's an avid Boston Red Sox fan. Bethany is passionate about reading, music and writing.

David Riley

David is a Jack of All Trades at KQV, filling in a number of positions as needed over the past decade. A Swissvale native, he has also worked at AURN as producer of the Bev Smith program.

Bob "Bart" Bartolomeo

Morning Editor, Reporter 

Bob first came to KQV in the summer of 1974, answering the request line for the Top 40 format. After working in New York City and Washington D.C., Bob returned to KQV in 2006.Bob holds a degree in Journalism from Penn State. He is a native of Clairton and has, in the past, worked closely with Penn State Coach Joe Paterno, Larry King, Don Imus, and Bruce Williams.

Earl Bugaile
Earl started at KQV in August 2006. He first got his start in broadcasting at WTRA in Latrobe. Earl attended the U.S. Army School of Journalism and Washington and Jefferson College. Earl lives in Washington with his wife, their three children and their three Welsh Corgis.


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