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Eagles band members to honor Glenn Frey at Grammys

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Singer and songwriter Jackson Browne will join members of the Eagles in a tribute to the band's founding member Glenn Frey during Monday's 58th annual Grammy Awards....

Review: 'Zoolander 2' tries a little too hard to up the ante

In case you don't follow the global fashion calendar, Fashion Week has just begun in New York, bringing with it a few nice clothes plus the usual over-the-top weirdness - bizarrely themed runway shows and front-row fashionistas teetering on stilt-like heels, swathed in feathers and smoothed out with dangerous doses of Botox....

Donald Trump skewered in Funny or Die film

NEW YORK (AP) -- In one of the more elaborate and unexpected spoofs of Donald Trump, Johnny Depp has joined the ranks of the combed-over, starring in a mock documentary released the morning after the GOP candidate's primary victory in New Hampshire....

Jack Huston: The 'Ben-Hur' remake was an epic undertaking

NEW YORK (AP) -- Jack Huston is surrounded by the undead in his new movie "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," but this summer the stakes are even higher. He stars in the role made famous by Charlton Heston in a remake of "Ben-Hur."...

Target sponsors 4-minute video during Grammys

NEW YORK (AP) -- Target has its bullseye on the "Hollaback Girl" singer....

HBO Now has 800,000 paying subscribers since April launch

NEW YORK (AP) -- HBO Now, the standalone online version of the premium TV channel, has gained about 800,000 paying subscribers since it launched in April, contributing significantly to the 2.7 million net new HBO customers last year....

Review: Hulu's '11.22.63' mini-series a dreary TV effort

NEW YORK (AP) -- No one would figure going back in time to spare the life of JFK would be easy or quick. But does it have to drag on so long and be this tiresome to watch?...

Cudlitz's 'Walking Dead' mustache has its own Twitter handle

NEW YORK (AP) -- On "The Walking Dead," Michael Cudlitz's character, Abraham Ford, is known for his bright red hair and distinctive handlebar mustache....

Author of 'Thirteen Reasons Why' has new novel coming

NEW YORK (AP) -- The author of "Thirteen Reasons Why," the million-selling young adult novel being developed as a Netflix series, has finished his first solo work of fiction in nearly a decade....

New Potter play coming out in book form

NEW YORK (AP) -- The new Harry Potter play will become a new Harry Potter book....

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