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If Supreme Court says no, they'd lose health insurance help

CHICAGO (AP) -- Millions of Americans have a big personal stake in next Wednesday's Supreme Court challenge to the nation's health care law: Can they legally continue to get subsidies to help pay for their insurance? If the court says no, people across more than 30 states could lose federal subsidies for their premiums....

Panel: Use new meningitis vaccines only for outbreaks

ATLANTA (AP) -- A federal panel on Thursday recommended that two new meningitis vaccines only be used for rare outbreaks, resisting tearful pleas to give it routinely to teens and college students....

Heat blamed for spray vaccine's failure against swine flu

ATLANTA (AP) -- The makers of the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine say now they know why it has failed to protect young U.S. children against swine flu - fragile doses got too warm....

Ebola doctor: Media, politicians fueled the public's fear

NEW YORK (AP) -- A doctor who contracted the deadly Ebola virus and rode the subway system and dined out before he developed symptoms said the media and politicians could have done a better job by educating people on the science of it instead of focusing on their fears....

NYC mayor defends deal oral suction circumcision ritual

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Mayor Bill de Blasio is defending New York City's tentative agreement with members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community over a tradition known as oral suction circumcision....

UK 1st country to allow creation of embryos from 3 people

LONDON (AP) -- Britain has become the first country in the world to allow the creation of human embryos from the DNA of three people, a technique intended to help mothers avoid passing on genetically degenerative diseases to their babies....

3 men 1st to get reconstructed bionic hands after amputation

LONDON (AP) -- Three Austrians have replaced injured hands with bionic ones that they can control using nerves and muscles transplanted into their arms from their legs....

Call for study to settle if anesthesia poses risk to babies

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Studies of baby animals have long suggested that going under anesthesia can have some harmful effects on a developing brain. Now some scientists want to find out whether those same drugs may pose subtle risks for human babies and toddlers....

Suits filed against scope maker in superbug infection

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Two lawsuits target the maker of a medical scope linked to the outbreak of a superbug at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center....

Panel: Base quarantines, other outbreak decisions on science

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Attempts to quarantine health workers returning from Ebola-stricken West Africa were a mistake, the president's bioethics advisers said Thursday....

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