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UN panel: Global warming human-caused, dangerous

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Global warming is here, human-caused and probably already dangerous - and it's increasingly likely that the heating trend could be irreversible, a draft of a new international science report says....

Last Call: Pluto-bound craft crosses Neptune orbit

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- NASA calls it a cosmic coincidence....

Japan lab unable to replicate stem cell results

TOKYO (AP) -- The Japanese laboratory that retracted a paper reporting a potentially major breakthrough in stem cell research said Wednesday its researchers have not managed to replicate the results....

Minister: 2 people have died of Ebola in Congo

KINSHASA, Congo (AP) -- Two Ebola-related deaths have been confirmed in Congo, the country's health minister said Sunday, though local officials believe the cases are unrelated to the outbreak in West Africa that has killed more than 1,400 people....

Feds allow logging after huge California wildfire

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) -- U.S. Forest Service officials say they tried to balance competing interests in a plan released Wednesday that allows loggers to remove trees killed in a massive central California wildfire last year, but environmentalists called it a travesty and threaten to sue....

Quake is major test for hard-luck California city

VALLEJO, Calif. (AP) -- The historic blue-collar town of Vallejo is a short distance but a far cry from the touristy Napa Valley vineyards and quaint towns. So when Sunday's earthquake struck, the damage to the wine industry took center stage and the rubble in Vallejo got scant attention....

Group files petition to idle coastal nuke plant

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An environmental group asked federal regulators Tuesday to idle California's last operating nuclear plant to review whether its reactors can withstand strong shaking from nearby earthquake faults....

Feds protect 20 species of coral as threatened

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The federal government is protecting 20 types of colorful coral by putting them on the list of threatened species, partly because of climate change....

AP Exclusive: Expert calls for nuke plant closure

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A senior federal nuclear expert is urging regulators to shut down California's last operating nuclear plant until they can determine whether the facility's twin reactors can withstand powerful shaking from any one of several nearby earthquake faults....

NASA's new giant rocket system passes milestone

WASHINGTON (AP) -- NASA says its new giant rocket system passed an internal milestone Wednesday, but the first test launch got pushed back a year to 2018....

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